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More and Better Newsletter N°6 | October 2010


More and Better has an important role to play
Many international conferences, institutions and countries have decided to give more support to agriculture and rural development. However, a lot of this support will never be realized. It’s ghost money. And a lot of the support which is given, goes to programs which, in reality, will increase poverty, hunger and environmental destruction in the long run. Sometimes less support is better! Therefore, there is still an important role to play for More and Better. We will continue to put pressure on and lobby for ‘more and better’ support for food, agriculture and rural development, based on the common principles we have developed for good support.
The General meeting agreed to focus on following the money given to agriculture, from the World Bank and governments.  
 We will evaluate the support given, comment and propose changes if needed. We will be an active watch-dog.  
I’m very happy that Elisabeth Atangana, the president of the farmers coordination in Central Africa, PROPAC, now has joined me as an international coordinator of More and Better.
I’m also very happy that we have got a new and strong international coordination committee (see separate article).  
I look forward to work together with all the members of More and Better.
Aksel Naerstad
Co-coordinator of More and Better

The Pan African Farmers Forum has been launched in Lilongwe, Malawi
The Regional Farmers Networks (the network of Farmers and Agricultural Producers' Organisation of West Africa, ROPPA; the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions, SACAU;  the East African Farmers Federation ,  EAFF,  the Maghrebian Farmers Union – UMAGRI;  and the sub regional Platform of Farmers Organisations in Central Africa- PROPAC) launched in Lilongwe the Pan African Farmers Forum (PAFFO) and their first general assembly (25-27October). Following a process lasted 6 years the five Networks put together two declarations: The Pretoria declaration (February 2004)  and the Addis Ababa Pan-Africa Farmers Forum declaration (May 2009), thus defining the farmers’ vision in regard to the model of Agriculture which is favourable to small scale family farming.

Our warmest congratulations to Elisabeth Atangana (PROPAC) who was appointed as the first president of the Pan African Farmers Forum during this important meeting where also  Aksel Naerstad was present. More and Better supported with a small amount the organization of the event.

Web link:
The programme of the PAFFO meeting on the EAFF web site

Successful meeting for More and Better

The General meeting of More and Better in Rome 7-8th of October made some important decisions on the political platform, the main tasks for the coming two years were outlined and a new, strong international coordination committee was elected. Four years ago, the General meeting of More and Better decided to discuss some important issues;  food sovereignty, the human right to adequate food, and  what kind of food production More and Better should promote and support. The General meeting, some weeks ago, decided to add to the platform that More and Better  build on and support the human right to adequate food and food sovereignty.
The General meeting also decided that the name is only More and Better (in different languages) without the explanation of what it is as a part of the name. It was also decided to call it a network instead of a campaign and to use ‘support’ instead of ‘aid’ in explaining what More and Better is and is working with. This does not imply any change in the character or function. More and Better is a network for support of food, agriculture and rural development to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. The new international coordination committee will soon send out a draft of the plans for More and Better, based on the discussions.
International coordination committee of More and Better
The General meeting agreed to have two international coordinators instead of one which we have had until now. The co-coordinators are Elisabeth Atangana and Aksel Nærstad. The following are in the international coordination committee:
Elisabeth Atangana, Co-coordinator of More and Better, President of  Plateforme Sous-Régionale des Organisations Paysannes d’Afrique Centrale -  PROPAC (Central Africa / Cameroon).
Aksel Nærstad, Co-coordinator of More and Better, senior policy adviser in the Development Fund (Norway).
Margaret Nakato, Co-president of World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers -  WFF (International).
John Mutunga
, Chief Executive Officer,  Kenyan Federation of Agricultural Producers – KENFAP, Kenya, and  representative of International Federation of Agricultural Producers- IFAP  (International).
Claudia Gimena Roa,  Director, Fundaexpresión (Columbia).
Maria Noel Salgado Spinatelli, Coordinator Región Cono Sur,  Movimiento Agroecológico de América Latina – MAELA (Latin America).
Suranjan Kodithuwakku
, Chief Organizer of the Green Movement of Sri Lanka - GMSL.
Wilhelmina Pelegrina, Executive director of SEARICE (Philippines).
George Fernandez, President of MIJARC/IMCARY, the International Movement for Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth.
Patrick Mulvany, UK Food Group, United  Kingdom
Nora McKeon, Terra Nuova (Italy)
Karim Akrout, Association Pour le Développement Durable  (Tunisia)
A representative from La Via Campesina (International)

The 36 session of the (reformed) UN Committee on World Food Security

From the 11 to the 17th October in Rome was held the 36 session of the reformed UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS). It brought together 126 governmental delegates, 47 international NGOs, 11 United Nations Agencies and a number of observers. Since its reform started in 2009 the  Committee plays a truly important role, being able to provide a ‘one platform’ for global coordination of policies and actions to halt the food crisis and governing the food system. Governments and international organisations worked together with civil society organisations and the private sector to identify ways to combat global hunger and malnutrition. Important issues were at the agenda of the renewed committee and crucial thematic debates were organized in policy roundtables focusing on: Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crisis; Land tenure and International investments; Managing Vulnerability and risk to Promote Better Food Security and Nutrition; Global Strategic Framework and Mapping Tool for Food and Nutrition Security.
In addition, the final proposal for an International Food Security and Nutrition Civil Society’s Mechanism for relation with CFS has been presented to the UN Committee by Civil Society’s representatives. The document has been prepared by Action Aid International, the Governance Working Group of the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty and Oxfam. The essential role of the CSM is to facilitate the participation of CSOs in the work of CFS, including input to negotiation and decision-making.
“The committee -  is reported on the official proposal, “acknowledge the proposal and encourage other stakeholders to proceed along the same line”.
Web links:
The CFS official documents: http://www.fao.org/UNFAO/Bodies/cfs/cfs36/index_en.htm
The final report of the CFS
The Civil Society Mechanism Proposal
Daily updates from the Civil Society’s

A Viable Food Future, the new report from the Development Fund, Norway
The Development Fund has published a new report, written in cooperation with several Civil Society's Organization. 

The report investigate on what kind of food production can: 
- drastically reduce poverty;
- reduce climate change and cool the planet;
- restore biodiversity, soil fertility and water resources;
- improve livelihoods and provide employment for billions of people;
- produce enough, good and nutritious food for 9 billion people or more…?
A Viable Food Future is available in English, French and Spanish and can be downloaded here: www.utviklingsfondet.no/viablefoodfuture

You can also contact the More and Better secretariat to receive copies of the report.

If you have feedback on articles, suggestions of content for future issues or other thoughts please write to: secretariat@moreandbetter.org