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WTO did not support programs against hunger

The 10th ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) took place in Nairobi, Kenya, just after the climate conference COP21 held in Paris. The outcome and the way the negotiations were carried out clearly show how much trade issues are about economic interests and power.
USA, EU, China, India and Brazil negotiated the final declaration, nor a single African country, neither one of the least developing countries were included!

Another scandalous decision at the WTO meeting was the denial for developing countries to implement programs for food security and the reduction of hunger, in the line that India has successfully embraced, which foresees to purchase food from small scale farmers at a fixed price and build up food stocks allowing to  provide with or sell food to poor people at a reduced cost.
India, and a few other countries that implemented such programs today, are allowed to continue - thanks to a peace clause - while negotiations are still going on and until the next ministerial meeting takes place in 2017. No other developing countries are allowed to start up such programs to an extent that produces the desired impact under the risk to violate the weird rules on subsidies of the WTO. On the other hand, rich countries, like USA and EU, can continue to dump food in developing countries and destroy the local markets to the detriment of poor farmers in those countries.

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