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WSF2015 | Change the system, not the climate!

Aksel Naerstad, from Tunis, tells us about some of the key issues discussed in 2015 edition of the World Social Forum (WSF) and shares with us his impressions.  

Climate change is an important issue in many of the thousands different meetings that are being held at the Word Social Forum, in Tunis from the 24 to the 28 of March. The main message brought up from several of these meetings is clear: the political and economic system needs to be changed, not the climate!
During the Forum, the More and Better Network organized a seminar on agroecology in cooperation with Terre & Humanisme. The speakers underlined that agroecology has to be seen holistically. Agroecology is science, practice and movement, and it is about ecology, economy and social issues. It cannot be narrowed down to only some farming techniques.
The seminar also highlighted many good examples of agroecological practices and the growing movement supporting and promoting agroecology. It was also underlined that agroecology is important in the fight against climate change. Agroecology can cool the planet; preserve the environment; produce enough and healthy food to all. It is the main alternative to the unsustainable industrial agriculture.

Although thousands of people attended the World Social Forum, in this 2015 edition you could notice that less people took part in comparison to the previous years. Some people cancelled in fact their trip to Tunis because of the terroristic attack at the Bardo Museum, which happened just before the Forum. Moreover, it seems to be less interest to participate in these types of fora than some years ago. Despite all, several participants pointed out the need for strengthening social movements and developing common strategies to build another world, which is even more crucial than before. In the course of the Forum, there were a number of informal discussions on how to reshape the World Social Forum to make it be a better tool in the common struggle.  These discussions need to go on until the next World Social Forum, and national and regional fora can be even more important in the common struggle for another and better world.

by Aksel Naerstad, Co-coordinator of the More and Better Network

Photo: Opening march of the Forum, credit to Aksel Naerstad