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Working jointly on Sustainable Development Goals

In the occasion of the More and Better general assembly, in October, we have confirmed our committment to work jointly on the follow up of the SDGs.
Whereas the SDGs provide a general framework, causes, actions and solutions need to be debated, developed and implemented at all levels - local, national, regional and global - with the direct involvement of those primarily  affected by food insecurity and nutrition in all its forms. That is why we strongly renew to our members the invitation to get involved in or organize national workshops to identify priorities, needs and actions in their countries aimed at contributing to the transformation we need to redirect the current unsustainable forms of agriculture and economic globalization. Although the SDGs should be seen through a comprehensive approach, we have identified, among the others,  a set of sustainable  goals that best embrace important dimensions of our work: Goal n.1,2,5,13 and also 12 -- according to the decisions taken by the General Assembly. We have talked about our plans on SDGs also in a previous article, here.

"From past experiences, we have learned that development can only progress if communities are fully involved in the process of identifying a problem and possible solutions to it."

[SWAGEN, Workshops on SDGs in Uganda supported by More and Better, April 2016]