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What kind of food provision should More and Better promote? Join the debate in the MaB general meeting.

More and Better has the pleasure to invite members and friends to take part in their general global meeting to be held Thursday 7th and Friday 8th October at FAO headquarters, in Rome. The meeting is scheduled prior to the 36 session of the FAO committee on World Food Security and CSOs initiatives linked to it.
We think it is crucial for MaB that the member organizations now come together to debate around past and future activities of our network and share viewpoints on “What kind of food provision should More and Better promote”. Background material will be available in the beginning of September; the proposed agenda for the meeting is available here. CSOs organisations willing to join us, though not members of MaB, can participate to the meeting as observers. Some funds are available to cover participation from Southern countries.  Deadline for submitting registration and request for economic support form (available here) is August 25th.

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