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Tsunami support - More support with better participation

It has been more than one year since the waves destroyed most of South and South East Asia countries’ coastal infrastructure along with a large proportion of the population who aided its’ development. That which took hundreds of years to build with more than thousands of years of their history, was destroyed in half an hour. For what was lost were not only buildings, agricultural lands, fishing equipment, water sources or livelihoods. Entire socio-economic sub-systems; community and human networks; life and environmental systems were completely destroyed.

Since this mega-tragedy of Asia 26th December 2004, many members of More and Better Campaign are active and participate in soldierly in relief and rehabilitation work on the ground in affected areas.

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Report from Action Aid 

Tsunami Report (pdf)A Human Rights Assessment; A five-country study by international charities Action Aid , People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning and Habitat International Coalition - Housing and Land Rights Network has revealed how, after the December 2004 tsunami, governments frequently ignored human rights principles and failed to protect survivors from discrimination, land grabbing and violence.

More: http://www.actionaid.org/asia/355_2_3226.html

Report from Green Movement of Sri Lanka

Three Month Report (pdf) provides a comprehensive overview of all activities, interventions and initiatives launched by the Green Movement of Sri Lanka in response to the devastating impact of the 26th December 2004 Tsunami. The report attempts to consolidate all available information concerning the initial emergency relief response dispatched by the organisation.

Six Month Report (word) brings an overview of all the activities that Green Movement of Sri Lanka has implemented in the aftermath of the immediate relief and response phase through its Disaster Management Information Programme. It provides comprehensive information on the strategies and programmes implemented in the transitional and mid-term relief and those embarking on longer-term recovery and rehabilitation. These include livelihood recovery in the fisheries and agricultural sectors, housing reconstruction, water and sanitation provision and support in education. The transition to the longer-term recovery incorporates projects, some of which have already been implemented.

Need Based Agriculture Impact Assessment Report (pdf)This impact assessment was carried out by the Green Movement of Sri Lanka in conjunction with the Faculties of Agriculture of three Universities (University of Jaffna, Eastern University and University of Ruhuna in Sri Lanka) and coordinated with government administration and line agencies. This needs based assessment was undertaken in 10 coastal districts from Jaffna to Kalutara in Sr Lanka and was presented at an open meeting.

More: http://www.greensl.net/activities002_21.htm