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The second edition of the African Rural Women Forum

In the small village of Mfou, not too far from Yaoundé, in the South of Cameroun, representatives of rural women from around the African continent gathered from the 22 to the 25 of September to debate on how to increase investments for women engaged in rural and family farms. The Forum - at its second edition - was organized by the Sub regional platform of Farmers’ Organizations in Central Africa (PROPAC), under the mandate of the Pan African Farmers Organization (PAFO), with an eye on the concrete implementation of the Africa’s long-term development plan envisioned by the Agenda 2063 of the African Union.

In the beautiful framework of the Chasaad-M - the training centre for young producers - rural women leaders proudly gathered for designing an action plan able to overcome political constraints and cultural behaviours, which make it difficult for them to unlock their amazing potential as food producers and agricultural entrepreneurs. In this regard, the Forum offered them an important occasion to share experiences and views on how to jointly build a pathway towards the full recognition and application of their rights, especially concerning the access to needed assets and resources, such as, to mention a few: land, water, energy, labour, knowledge, training, and credit. Five thematic axes, based on the recommendations from the first edition of the Forum, - see the Report here – have guided the activities of the working groups:

a. Issues and challenges of access to land for rural women;
b. Rural Women and specialized agencies for agricultural investment funding;
c. Rural women, agricultural research, productivity and competitiveness of family farms;
d. Cooperatives as a model of structure for the promotion of women's entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of rural women;
e. Violence against women and agricultural productivity.

The Cameroonians Minister for the promotion of family and women, the deputy Minister of Agriculture, as well as representatives of local institutions and from the African Union parliament and, Elisabeth Atangana, President of PROPAC, officially opened the Forum. All the institutional representatives have spoken with a great sensitiveness towards the gender disparities that negatively affects African women’s food production and, in there institutional capacity, they admitted the lack of specific policies and laws which involves a process of mutual learning in order to reflect the real and specific needs of rural women.

As a network engaged in the fight against hunger and in favour of rural development the More and Better has always valued the key role that women play in agriculture. It is a fact, today largely reported, that rural women increase and can increase even more food production. Providing support to rural women is therefore a way to positively impacts on rural poverty. We are very pleased of having contributed to the realization of both the first and the second edition of the Forum. The third edition of the African Rural Women Forum would probably happen in two-year time.

by Alessandra Sgro', More and Better International Secretariat

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