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The 2nd edition of the African Rural Woman Forum

The women College of PROPAC (Sub- Regional Platform of Farmer’s Organizations in Central Africa) with the support of PAFO (Panafrican Farmers' Organization), the International Network More and Better and IFAD (International Fund for the Development of Agriculture), organizes the second edition of the African Rural Woman Forum which will be held in Yaounde, Cameroon from 28 to 31 July 2015, under the theme Empowerment of women and African development to achieving the 2063 agenda: Advocacy for more investment in favor of women in family and rural farms.

The objectives of the Forum are:

1. To formalize a permanent specific framework for consultation, expression, and capacity building of the involvement and the efficient participation of rural women in Africa in development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, strategies and programs towards the rural world;

2. To sensitize policy makers and all stakeholders in the agriculture and rural development on the need for increased investments specific to rural women to enable them to improve the contribution of family farms to security, food and nutrition sovereignty and   a significant reduction of poverty; to contribute to the empowerment of the African rural woman;

3. Share experiences on policies to promote and support investment in favor of the rural woman in Africa and the world;

4. Set up a charter for the African rural woman to the professionalization of female farmers' organizations of the continent.


The 2nd Forum follows the 1st African Rural Woman Forum held in 2013, which permitted to:

1. Increase visibility on the place, role and contribution of the African rural woman in agriculture, food security, nutrition and poverty reduction;

2. Promote the involvement of rural women in Africa, in the development of agriculture and rural development policies and strategies in order to find sustainable solutions for ending hunger, improving living conditions and fight against poverty in rural areas;

3. Bring together African rural women, within an institutionalized framework of dialogue and consultation to and enable a better recognition of their specificities and concerns of the African rural woman in the search for improved  food security and sovereignty and nutrition; the promotion of sustainable rural jobs and a significant reduction of poverty in rural areas.
Informations concerning the organization of the Forum are available at: www.arwforum.org.
You can also write to arwf2015@yahoo.fr or cnopcameroun@yahoo.fr