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Statements and interventions of civil society at the CFS 43

The opening statement at the 43rd session of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS43) in Rome was delivered by Elisabeth Mfou, general coordinator of La Via Campesina, on behalf of the Civil Society Mechanism:

“CSM welcomes the attention being given at World Food Day to the links between climate change, agriculture and food security. To be sure, we, small scale food providers, farmers, pastoralists, fishers, indigenous peoples, food and agricultural workers, youth and women live in the places where climate change is felt most acutely, in the most fragile ecosystems, and under the most difficult working conditions. We nurture and grow biodiversity in our fields, forests, waters, mountains and deserts, where the greatest biodiversity is often found. For centuries we have safeguarded precious and diverse seeds and animal breeds — through conservation, sustainable use, breeding, exchange and our intimate knowledge of how they perform in the changing contexts of our ecosystems.  We practice agroecology: a vast body of knowledge, practices, and ways of knowing and working with our agro-ecosystems.  Agroecology is our systems approach to climate adaptation and mitigation.”

Read the whole statement and other interventions of civil society’s organization here