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Sharing of information on the work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

One of the top priorities in the work of the More and Better Network in the coming years will be to follow up and contribute to reach the Sustainable Development Goals linked to food, agriculture and poverty. Most of this work and the most important will be the work on national level by the members of More and Better by putting forward proposals and demands, and to put pressure on their own governments to follow up to reach the goals. Another important part of the work on the SDGs will be to build and strengthen cooperation and networks with other organizations, mainly on national level, but also in regions and globally. A third element of this work should be be to be active in proposing and establishing mechanisms to follow-up the implementation of the SDGs. In 2016 some members of More and Better organized national workshops on the SDGs and how to work on them. We encourage more organizations to do the same and to share experiences and information about your work on the SDGs.

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