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A new born website to share your knowledge

Have you got case studies, articles, papers, documents concerning sustainable agriculture or experiences of transition to a sustainable agriculture? Please visit the Agricultural Transition website and share your knowledge!

This new born website has been created thanks to a joint effort of many organizations.
It already collects more than 200 documents, and includes: a geographical map of sustainable initiatives and practices disseminated all over the world; a list of reports highlighting policy recommandations and actions for a viable food future, weblinks and publications.

The aim of the Agricultural Transition website* is to show the wide range of sustainable agricultural practices and demonstrates that peasants and small scale producers can nourish a growing population, preserve the environment and contribute substantially to stop the climate change. 

We see this webpage as useful tool to serve the transition of agriculture, and we look forward to see it growing with your contributions, be them in the form of articles, case studies, policy reports, weblink, multimedia materials, etc.. 

Are you willing to? There are two easy ways to send in your documents

1. Email post@ag-transition.org. You can also use this email to get more information.

2. Use the submit form directly from the website: http://www.agr-transition.org/


*The Agricultural Transition website is supported by The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), The Development Fund (Norway), Heidehof Stiftung (Germany) and is currently administrated by the More and Better International Secretariat.