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Rio+20: Battles around models of agriculture

More and Better has worked together with many other organizations and institutions to influence governments and the UN to put sustainable agriculture at the center of the Rio+20 Conference to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 10-22, 2012.

About 140 organizations have now signed on to the document Rio+20 Time to act!  which was also sent to the conference secretariat  as a formal proposal.
The document can still be signed on the webpage. Signatories organizations will be invited to the email-list for the work on Rio+20 and agriculture.

Total 671 proposals have been submitted to the secretariat for the Rio+20 conference by  governments, institutions, civil society organizations and others. The proposal jointly submitted by FAO, WFP, IFAD and Bioversity International has a lot of good points. You can find it here.

During the last years almost all international meetings dealing with food and agriculture have underlined the need to support small scale sustainable agriculture.  Even if the reality has been different, it has been important to get such statements. But now has the agro-industry started an offensive to promote the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides, hybrid seeds, GMO’s etc. During the climate conference in Durban they are promoting this under the  banner “climate smart agriculture”. The Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is also active in promoting the same.  The agro-industry  has also sent letter to FAO complaining  that draft of  documents that FAO has planned to publish as a part of the Rio+20 process were biased and should not be published. The documents were too critical to industrialized agriculture.






Photo credit: Alessandra Sgrò