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Report of the Yaoundé workshop

In May 2011 an important workshop was held in Mfou, Cameroon, organized by PROPAC with ROPPA, EAFF and PAFO , with the support of Terra Nuova,  Practical Action, of  network like “More and Better”, Concord and FAO. Promoting investments in food security is nowadays at the top of  the international political agenda, from  CAADP to the Committee for World Food Security (CFS).

The issue of agricultural investment is a key one in Africa and how and where these investments are directed is of considerable concern to African family farmers and their organisations . Although there is now a commitment on the part of multilateral institutions and of a number of donors to give greater priority to supporting family farmers, a number of questions need to be explored in depth in order to ensure that the support proposed is what is wanted by, and is potentially beneficial to, Africa’s family farmers and their sustainable food systems.  

The workshop was designed to start a process of reflection during 2011 that would sharpen and deepen the strategies and methodologies by which the national, regional and continental organisations of family farmers and other small-scale producers can have an effective influence on policy, especially agricultural investment. The summary report of the workshop is dedicated to Ndiogou Fall, one of the designers of the meeting.

Source: EuropAfrica

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