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Peoples’ Comprehensive Framework for Action to Eradicate Hunger: first draft available

This first draft has been written by a small editing group. It is of course a work in progress and much more has to be done. We are therefore aware that the final document will be differing pretty much from this draft. The finalization of the Framework is foreseen for September 2009.
Any contribution that may enrich the document is welcome  up until the 1st of September.

The draft is available for download at the end of this article.


 The process to finalize the framework – revised plan by July 8:

1.  We ask you to send in comments, suggestions and other kind of input to this document – the sooner the better.

2.  A second draft will be sent out in the last part of September. We also want comments, suggestions for changes etc on that.

3.  The drafting committee (with about 30 members, mainly representatives from social movements in the South but also representatives from the North and from NGO’s) will finalize the framework. The committee   will have a meeting on October  9th – 11th

4.  The final framework will be sent out in the end of October  to organizations for signing on to the document (or to the key points in it – that has to be decided) before November  12.

5.  The framework will be presented on November 15th at the Food Summit organized by FAO in Rome

6.  Hopefully many organizations and people will use the framework to strengthen their own work and to influence governments and institutions.

Contact persons

The two following people will be contact persons for the process.
Please send mails to both when you respond on this paper, send in proposals etc.
Nico Verhagen, from the Via Campesina secretariat; nverhagen@viacampesina.org
Aksel Naerstad, international coordinator of More and Better; aksel@utviklingsfondet.no

Below you will also find a list to other relevant documents related to the response of the international community to the World Food Crisis.

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CSO_Hunger_framework_draft_1.2.1.doc | Download - 409.5KB