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Pathways to resilience: smallholder farmers and the future of agriculture

This discussion paper is the result of the efforts of Canadian Food Security Policy Group members to collectively examine how the work of our partners in the South might inform Canada's response to the Global Food Crisis. It argues that this response must acknowledge the central role of smallholder agriculture and its long-term sustainability and resilience. A series of six case studies have been written to accompany this discussion paper.

Case Studies:

The Canadian Food Security Policy Group (FSPG) brings together Canadian international development and humanitarian agencies, farmers' organizations and human rights groups who have worked for decades in sectors related to enhancing food security in developing countries and in Canada. While the accompanying case studies have been prepared by individual members, the discussion paper has been endorsed by the following FSPG members: 

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace; Canadian Council for International Co-operation; Canadian Foodgrains Bank; CARE Canada; CHF-Partners in Rural Development; ETC Group; Farm Radio International; Inter Pares; Mennonite Central Committee Canada; National Farmers Union; Oxfam Canada; Plan Canada; United Church of Canada; USC Canada; World Vision Canada