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More and Better registered as an international organization

From January 1, 2017 the More and Better Network is legally registered in Cameroun as an international organization. More and Better started in 2003 as a campaign working for more and better support for agriculture and rural development to eradicate hunger and poverty. In 2010, the General Meeting decided to change the character from a campaign to a network and the name to More and Better Network. The network has currently 129 members on global, regional and national level in 44 countries.  
From its foundation in 2003, More and Better has been recognized as an international organization and has had  financial support from some UN agencies, foundations and member-organizations. However, until the end of 2016, More and better has not been registered as an international organization, so the contracts for financial support have been taken care of by Terra Nuova in Italy and the Development Fund in Norway. Many thanks to them!  
The registration of More and Better as an international organization with the head-office in Cameroun will not have any influence on the function of the network, but we think it will increase the possibilities to get financial support from some agencies, foundations and organizations.

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