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More and Better is active in the Rio+20 preparations

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development / Rio+20 is a top priority for More and Better in the first half of 2012. Many of the member organizations are involved  both nationally and internationally.

-    have successfully worked to get agriculture and food issues to be at the core of the Rio+20 process and conference,
-    are promoting the policies outlined in the document Rio+20 Time to act!  which 150 organizations now have signed on to;
-    try to influence governments on their positions;
-    are following the negotiations between governments on the outcome of Rio+20;
-    have co-organized side events and roundtables at international meetings linked to Rio+20;
-    are making a publication on Agricultural transition which will be released in Rio;
-    are creating a new webpage together with many other organizations, with case studies; articles etc. on agroecological and other forms of sustainable agriculture;
-    will be present in Rio and More and Better is the lead organization for two big side events which we organize together with many other organizations.

Nourish Our People – Nourish Our Planet

On March 15-16, Elisabeth Atangana and Aksel Naerstad, the two international Co-coordinators of More and Better, took part in a high-level roundtable on Rio+20 and agriculture. The roundtable gathered about 100 representatives from governments, international institutions, scientists, representatives of farmers’ organizations and NGOs. It  was organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Millennium Institute and Biovision; and More and Better was one of the co-organizers.  There were rich discussions during the two days. You can see the outcome document  Nourish Our People – Nourish Our Planet here.

Side event in the UN

Agriculture at Rio+20: What should be decided – and what kind of agriculture should be promoted? That was the title of a successful side event in the United Nations headquarter in New York on March 22nd organized by More and Better together with Biovision and Millennium Institute.   The content of the two documents , Rio+20 Time to act  and Nourish Our People – Nourish Our Planet, was actively promoted. In the panel there were representatives from La Via Campesina and  World Farmers Organization,  and representatives from the delegations of Brazil, Norway and Switzerland.