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More and Better has an important role to play

By Aksel Naerstad, Co-coordinator of More and Better

Many international conferences, institutions and countries have decided to give more support to agriculture and rural development. However, a lot of this support will never be realized. It’s ghost money.
Much of the support which is given, instead, goes to programs which in reality will increase poverty, hunger and environmental destruction in the long run. Sometimes less support is better!
There is, therefore, still an important role to play for More and Better. We will continue to put pressure on and lobby for more and better support for food, agriculture and rural development, based on the common principles we have developed for good support.
The General meeting held in Rome, 7-8 October, agreed to focus on following the money given to agriculture, from the World Bank and governments.

We will evaluate the support given, comment and propose changes if needed. We will be an active watch-dog.

I’m very happy that Elisabeth Atangana, the president of the farmers coordination in Central Africa, PROPAC, has now joined me as an International coordinator of More and Better. I’m also very happy that we have got a new and strong International Coordination Committee.  

I look forward to work together with all the members of More and Better.