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Leaked document reveals plans for massive land grabbing in Northern Mozambique

The warning arrives from a group of civil society's organizations which have been able to see a leaked copy of the most recent version of the Master Plan of the Pro-SAVANA programme dated March 2013. The document confirms the worst: governments of Japan, Brazil and Mozambique are secretly paving the way for a massive land grab in Northern Mozambique.
Several civil society's organizations and their partners in Mozambique are now making this plan publicly available, along with their JOINT STATEMENT. Please visit the GRAIN website for more information. 


Source: GRAIN - http://www.grain.org/article/entries/4703-leaked-prosavana-master-plan-confirms-worst-fears 

Photo credit: F H Mira, http://www.flickr.com/photos/fhmira/3912219276/in/photostream/