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La Via Campesina VI International Conference

600 delegates and guests from 70 countries are gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia for the VI International Conference of La Via Campesina, the global peasant movement. La Via Campesina is a member of the More and Better Network. Aksel Naerstad, International Co-coordinator of More and Better is present at the conference as a guest on behalf of the Network. 

The International Conference of La Via Campesina is held every four/five years and is the highest decision body in the movement. The VI International Conference has started on Sunday, June 9th and will last for five days. La Via Campesina emphasizes the important role of women and youth, so just in front of the International Conference took place the Women's and the Youth's Conferences. 
50% of the delegates are women and the 30% was expected to be made up of youth; this goal might not have been reached, but a lot of young people are present. There is good spirit at the Conference. Slogans and songs by delegates from each of the regions of the world dominated the opening. 
During the conference the delegates will discuss the most important political issues for peasants and an action plan for the movement for the period 2013-2017. 

Please visit http:www.viacampesina.org to read more on the VI Conference of La Via Campesina