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International dialogue on Agriculture and Food Systems Sustainability

Exploring and mobilize positive action toward sustainable, secure and equitable food systems was the aim of the international dialogue organized in Milan, 18-19 May, by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food.

A number of selected funders and key international stakeholders, including the More and Better Network, has been invited to debate on important thematic areas, such as: connecting health and well-being to food system; support to agro ecological movement; strengthening the transition towards an agroecological way of life; realizing equitable food systems; making visible the full costs of producing food; rallying local political will.

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a coalition of 21 foundations that came together with the aim to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security, and equity. The event was for More and Better an opportunity to build alliances with different actors, to share experiences and to explore creative way to build a viable food future.

Some interesting documents related to this event:

•    Agroecology Resource List,
      list of valuable resources on Agroecology
•    Global Sustainable Food and Agriculture: A Landscape Assessment
     a synthetic assessment on 24 donors/foundations and some concrete case studies