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Funders for agroecology, just transition and mobilization against climate change

Many progressive foundations from USA and Europe met the second week in April at the Just Giving Conference organized by the EDGE-Funders Alliance. The Conference gathered a rich diversity of funders and some recipient organizations, about 200 people.

Aksel Naerstad, international coordinator of the More and Better Network attended the meeting. Many issues were discussed, but all in the framework of the urgent need to transform societies to be just and to stop climate change and other natural damages.

For the organizations in the More and Better Network it is of special interest the relatively new collaboration of foundations in the AgroEcology Fund. The Fund is indeed really committed to seek more grants and increase its members in order to support a broader number of social movements working on agroecology.
In the recent round of grants, $ 1.130.000 were awarded to 8 lead organizations working with about 60 grassroots organizations. For more information, you can visit http://www.agroecologyfund.org/