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Take part in documenting small scale ecological agriculture and how to transform non-sustainable agriculture

Small-scale food production contributes significantly to feeding the world, drastically reducing poverty, cools the planet and revives local ecologies and economies.
But this is not well recognized by policy and decision makers.
It is, therefore, necessary to document this better and to show that providing the enabling environment to develop more viable small and medium scale food production systems would be the most cost-effective way to for the important challenges we face today – and also the best way to contribute to preserving the natural resources for food production for future generations. 

The More and Better network in cooperation with member organizations and others have therefore started a project to:

  1. provide a clear picture of what exists today in terms of sustainable initiatives where communities thrive and create wealth, both in traditional and state-of-the-art systems, and give special attention to the role of women and youth;
  2. highlight the conditions and paths towards these successful forms of food provision;
  3. propose practical transitions towards these viable models.

What we want to do

Through this project we want to develop:

The plan is to present this at the Rio+20 conference (UNCSD) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012. We will organize side events during the Rio+20 conference and other relevant conferences, and will produce the following information material:

More and Better and the Norwegian Development Fund are supporting this project financially for the first phase from October 15th 2011 until the end of January 2012.  We are working to get more funding for this period and funding for 2012.  A consultant is contracted: Angela Hilmi. She was the main author of the report A Viable Food Future (Part I and Part II).

How can you / your organization contribute?

If you /your organization want to take part in this project, please send a mail to secretariat@moreandbetter.org with information on how you would like to contribute, contact details etc.

Here are some ways you can contribute:
  1. Provide case studies of good examples of agroecological  and other kinds of sustainable agriculture, and of transformation from non- sustainable to more sustainable forms of agriculture.
  2. Provide articles which could be used on webpages and the booklet about what is described in point 1 above.
  3. Provide links to web-pages and lists of literature of case studies and other literature which describes and/ or  presents analysis of what is described above in point 1.  
  4. Provide in-kind support with time from staff people who can work on this project in cooperation with More and Better and the consultant(s) – for collecting materiel, analysis, translation of documents, design and layout, web-presentation etc.
  5. Support the project financially; payment of the consultant(s), translation of document, case studies, consultation-meetings, printing of booklets etc.
We hope that many of you will take part in this project, and look forward to hear back from you.

Elisabeth Atangana and Aksel Naerstad
Co-coordinators of More and Better

Download the invitation letter (PDF)


Photo credit @ Alessandra Sgrò