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Climate-smart agriculture

The term 'Climate-smart agriculture (CSA)' is very controversial and contested – even among members of the More and Better Network. Some organizations see this as a good term for agriculture that fits to the definition used by the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart agriculture

CSA consists of three components: sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes; adapting and building resilience to climate change; reducing and/or removing greenhouse gases emissions, where possible.”

Other organizations see the term as a politically motivated term, and identify it as a sign of a 'greenwashing' and dangerous rhetoric.
According to their opinion “the approach does not involve any criteria to define what can or cannot be called Climate Smart. Agribusiness corporations that promote synthetic fertilizers, industrial meat production and large-scale industrial agriculture – all of which are widely recognized as contributing to climate change and undermining the resilience of farming systems – can and do call themselves Climate Smart.” (extract from the sign-on letter "Don't be fooled!")

Several organizations are now circulating and signing on to a letter with the title: Don't be fooled!
Civil society says NO to 'Climate Smart Agriculture'"
and urge decision-makers to support agroecology.  The deadline for signing on to the letter is September 10.

If you wish to receive the sign-on-letter (in English, French or Spanish), please contact delvaux@cidse.org