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Civil Society and social movements gathered in Rome for the CSM/CFS

A number of organizations from civil society and social movements gathered in Rome in the occasion of the 39th session of the World Committee on Food Security - CFS (15-20th October). The Committee session was preceded by the preparation meetings of Civil Society Mechanism on Food Security and Nutrition – CSM (13-14th October). Several members of the More and Better network intensively contributed to the important work of CSM / CFS; their commitment was crucial within the process that led, among the other things, to the approval of the Global Strategic Framework (GSF) by the Committee on World Food Security. Although we are willing to complement the current version of GSF with a number of key issues which are not addressed in the document (i.e. food sovereignty) we welcome it as an important achievement in the progress of coordination and coherence in decision making on food and agricultural issues. In this regard, the More and Better Network, together with other NGOs and social movements endorsed the statement that can be read at this link: http://www.csm4cfs.org/news/?id=86


Some pictures of Civil Society Mechanism Annual Forum: