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Civil Society and Social Movements’ Forum Declaration to the Second International Conference on Nutrition

Representatives from peasants, small-scale fishers and fishing communities, pastoralists, urban poor, consumers, women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, agricultural and food workers and civil society organizations actively engaged in the ICN2 preparatory process, gathered in Rome, November 16-18, to share values and aspirations, join forces in a common vision on how to eradicate malnutrition in all its forms, and to hold governments and intergovernmental organizations to account on their obligations and commitments.

Their final statement was presented during the ICN2 Conference, held at FAO Headquarters (November 19-21). The conclusions of the ICN2 negotiations - read the Statement – is a welcome step, in particular its focus on malnutrition, in all its form. However, we consider it inadequate to confront the scale of the global malnutrition challenge.

Viewpoint and requests of Civil society and social movement Declaration are framed around five substantial pillars:

  1. Accountability and follow up
  2. A human rights and rights-based approach
  3. Sovereign local food and agricultural systems based on agroecological principles
  4. Coherent and coordinated management of nutrition throughout the lifecycle and at all levels
  5. Democratic governance of food and nutrition and global regulatory framework

In its conclusion, the Declaration calls upon Member States to commit to developing a coherent, accountable and participatory governance mechanism, safeguarded against undue corporate influence. Such mechanism should be based on principles of human rights, social justice, transparency, and democracy, and directly engage civil society, in particular the populations and communities which are most affected by different forms of malnutrition.

The ICN2 officially approved two outcome documents :
The Rome Declaration and the Framework for Action


Read/download the full Declaration of Civil Society and Social Movements’ Forum to the ICN2

Visit the ICN2 official website for more information and background documents

Photo credit©FAO/Giulio Napolitano