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Agriculture and nutrition in the Sustainable Development Goals

A High-Level Roundtable on what should be in the Sustainable Development Goals on agriculture and nutrition took place in New York in the end of March. Aksel Naerstad, international co-coordinator of More and Better took part in the two days meeting (27-28 March). The outcome document is available in English here.
In a comment to the document, Aksel says: “I’m pleased that the roundtable with many representatives from governments, UN Institutions and NGO’s agreed on this text. Of course, there are point in the declaration that I would have preferred formulated differently, but as a document from such a diverse group, I think it’s very good.”

The More and Better Network invites you to share the document with other organizations and your governments, and to use it in the process to develop the Sustainable Development Goals which will be adopted by the UN General Assembly in September 2015.