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A Million NOs to Golden Rice

A Petition to stop the commercialization of Golden Rice 

2013 has been declared the National Year of Rice in the Philippines. This is in line with the national government’s desire to achieve rice self-sufficiency for the country. While this may be good on the surface, it is quite alarming that part of the efforts to achieve rice self-sufficiency involves the commercialization of Golden Rice, a genetically modified rice variety that is said to be vitamin A enriched. 89% of Filipinos consume rice on a daily basis. The cultivation of Golden Rice places undue risks to unknowing consumers, to the environment and ecological biodiversity, farmers’ livelihood and infringes on their rights.
Aware of the dangers that Golden Rice poses, Searice, the South East Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment, and its network partners are issuing a call against its commercialization. The goal is to voice objections to the imminent commercialization of Golden Rice, to demand a moratorium on commercialization and ultimately halt cultivation of Golden Rice 

We encourage all of you to support SEARICE campaign against the commercialization of Golden Rice and GMOs in general. By participating in this campaign, you are standing up for your right to safe food and the protection of our farmers and the environment.

Say NO to Golden Rice today!
Sign the petition by clicking HERE or HERE 

Golden rice primer

The Lies in the Promises: The Truth About Golden Rice is now released in its digital version. This primer was published in support of the campaign against of commercialization of Golden Rice and outlines important things we should know about GMOs in general and Golden Rice in particular. To download a copy, you can visit Searice website or download directly HERE

Source: Searice 

SEARICE is part of the More and Better Network. SEARICE advocates for policies that recognize, support, strengthen and institutionalize community initiatives in conservation, development and use of plant genetic resources (PGR). It develops the capacities of its partners for policy advocacy and campaign work through participatory action research and lobbying for policies that protect farmers’ rights.For more information please visit: http://searice.org.ph/about-searice/what-we-do/