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By-laws of The More and Better Network

(Approved at the General Meeting, June 20th 2012)

Article 1: The name of the organization

The name of the organization is More and Better Network
The organization was founded in 2003

Article 2: The objectives of the organization

More and Better support and promote the human right to adequate food and food sovereignty. The organization is established to achieve vital changes in national and international policies geared towards:

The organization works on the base of the decisions taken by the General meeting.

Article 3: Type of organization

The organization is a non-profit, autonomous, international civil society organization. 

Article 4: Members

All local, national, regional and international non-profit civil society organizations, which agree on the objective of the organization and the common principles (attached), respect the constitution and decisions by the General meeting, can become members of the organization. New members must be accepted by the International coordination committee. A report about new members and members which have withdrawn their membership shall be presented for the General meeting as a part of the report of activities since the previous General meeting.

Article 5: General meeting

The General meeting is held every two years and is the highest decision making body in the organization. The following issues must be in the agenda for the General meeting.

  1. Constitution of the meeting (a. Approval of the call for the meeting, b. approval of the delegates with voting rights, c. election of chair and secretary for the meeting)
  2. Report of the activities since the previous General meeting
  3. Accounts from the previous two years.
  4. Plans and budget for the coming two years
  5. Election of international coordinator(s) and other members of the International Coordination Committee 
  6. Issues brought up by the members or the Coordination Committee within the deadlines.

The call for the General meeting must be sent out by the International Coordination Committee to the members not less than 12 weeks before the meeting. Proposals for issues to be on the agenda for the meeting, must be sent to the International Coordination Committee not later than 6 weeks before the General meeting. The final proposal for the agenda and proposals for decisions must  be sent out by the international coordinating committee to the members not later than 4 weeks before the General meeting.

The General Meeting is validly convened when the meeting is legally called according to the constitution. Decisions are made by majority of the present voters, except changes of the bye-laws where 2/3 majority the present members is needed.

Article 6: Voting rights

All members of the organization has one vote at the General meeting.  

Article 7: The International Coordination Committee

The International Coordination Committee is the highest body between the General meetings. It must follow up and implement the decisions by the General meetings. The International Coordination Committee consists of total 9-15 members with representatives from Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Europe. At least 50 % of the members must be women.  The International Coordination Committee has one or two international coordinators, elected by the General Meeting, who are coordinating the work and the secretariat. 

Article 8: Secretariat

The organization has an international secretariat which works under the leadership, control and guidance of the International Coordination Committee and the international coordinator(s). The International Coordination Committee can establish regional secretariats or staff regional members of the international secretariat. 

Article 9: Membership fees

There is no obligatory membership fee. All members are encouraged to contribute with financial and human resources based on their ability to do so. 

Article 10: Extraordinary General meeting

Extraordinary General meeting can be called by the International Coordination Committee. Extraordinary General meeting must be called by the International Coordination Committee if at least 20 members representing at least three continents ask for it. 

Article 11: Changes of the constitution

This constitution has been agreed by the majority of the delegates at the General meeting in June 2012. Changes in the constitutions can only be made with a 2/3 majority of the casted votes. 

Article 12: Closing down the organization

A decision to close down the organization can only be taken by a regular General meeting. If at least 2/3 of the representatives with voting rights at the General meeting approve that the organization should close down, an extraordinary General meeting must be held 3 months later for the final handling of the proposal to close down the organization. To close down the organization there must be a 2/3 majority of the delegates with voting rights both at the ordinary and extraordinary General meeting. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 20th 2012