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Talents for the Sustainable Development Goals

The More and Better Network has been contacted by UNLEASH, which has “a vision to build the world’s leading lab and platform for innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”  UNLEASH is a new, global initiative that will bring together young leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs between 20 and 35 years old.

  • Engage in follow-up on the Sustainable Development Goals

    The meeting of the High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development in 2017, to be held in New York from 10 to 19th of July, gives civil society's organizations in all countries good opportunities to follow-up and challenge their governments. 44 countries have committed to report in 2017 on the progress of reaching the SDGs. This provides CSOs in these countries special opportunities to engage with their governments.

  • New report on investments in small-scale sustainable agriculture by the More and Better Network

    The report gives an overview of the global situation of investments in agriculture, provides  examples from some countries and presents recommendations for future investments in small-scale sustainable agriculture. Our aim is that this report will...

  • Follow up on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    The Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) in the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) on the Sustainable Development Goals had a meeting on January 27th to discuss input to the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) that will be held in New York, in July, with a focus on Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. The working group on SDGs in the Civil Society Mechanism for CFS had a meeting to prepare as well. Both the CSOs-meetings and the OEWG discussed what the main messages should be

  • International congress: Global Peasants’ Rights, March 7-10, 2017

    Many organizations are supporting this conference. Some of them are La Via Campesina, IFOAM, FIAN, Ecoland, Brot für die Welt, Oxfam, and the More and Better Network.  The conference will take place in Germany. The goal of the congress is twofold: to increase awareness of the situation and the urgent needs of small farmers, and to support the UN working group for the development of a “Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas”.

  • Sharing of information on the work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    One of the top priorities in the work of the More and Better Network in the coming years will be to follow up and contribute to reach the Sustainable Development Goals linked to food, agriculture and poverty. Most of this work and the most important will be the work on national level by the members of More and Better by putting forward proposals and demands, and to put pressure on their own governments to follow up to reach the goals.

  • More and Better registered as an international organization

    From January 1, 2017 the More and Better Network is legally registered in Cameroun as an international organization. More and Better started in 2003 as a campaign working for more and better support for agriculture and rural development to eradicate hunger and poverty. In 2010, the General Meeting decided to change the character from a campaign to a network and the name to More and Better Network

  • The UN agenda on Nutrition and the key role of Civil Society

    Malnutrition in all its forms affects 193 countries in our world: 790 million people are undernourished, 2 billion people suffer from micronutrients deficiency and another 2 billion suffer from overweight/obesity. Most of the malnutrition does not affect low-income countries and is rising globally. The UN Decade of Action on Nutrition could be a great opportunity if able to combine a multi-actors engagement respectful of human rights realization.

  • Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cameroun

    The More and Better Network is committed to work on SDGs in order to strengthen civil society and grassroots organisations engagement at national and regional level. To this extent, More and Better will support a national workshop in Cameroun, accompanied by a meeting with regional partners, to be held the 20 and 21st of December and hosted by PROPAC.

  • Working jointly on Sustainable Development Goals

    In the occasion of the More and Better general assembly, in October, we have confirmed our committment to work jointly on the follow up of the SDGs. Whereas the SDGs provide a general framework, causes, actions and solutions need to be debated, developed and implemented at all levels - local, national, regional and global - with the direct involvement of those primarily  affected by food insecurity and nutrition in all its forms.

  • The More and Better Network general assembly in Rome

    The More and Better Network general assembly was successfully held at FAO headquarters, in Rome, the 16th of October, after the conclusion of the Annual Forum of the Civil Society Mechanism for relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security. The General Assembly approved the plans for More and Better for 2016-2018, re-confirmed Elisabeth Atangana, president of the Farmers Regional Platform for Central Africa (PROPAC) and Aksel Naerstad, senior policy adviser for the Development Fund, Norway, as co-coordinators and elected a new member in the coordinating committee for the African region, Mamadou Goita, executive director of the Institute for Research and the Promotion of Alternative Developments (IRPAD).