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  • International civil society conference on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agriculture and fisheries in Cameroon, September 11-13th 2018

    The conference will be organized by the More and Better Network, Asian Farmers Association, FoodFirst, Foodtank, IFOAM, MIJARC, Oakland Institute and Plateforme Régionale des Organisations Paysannes D'Afrique Centrale – PROPAC, The Right to Food Campaign (India). Other organizations are invited to join, and have their internal processes to decide if they join as co-organizers. 
    With the conference we want to:

    - show that agroecology and other forms of sustainable agriculture and fisheries are key to reach many of the SDGs.

    - strengthen the arguments and increase the pressure on governments and international institutions
    - share experiences and strengthen the cooperation among organizations and people engaged in reaching the SDGs. 
    The conference is open for everybody. Join us!
    See more information here.
  • Many interesting and important conferences in 2018

    There will be many interesting and important conferences about food and agriculture in many parts of the world in 2018. You will find some information and links to more about several of them here.

  • New publication: Agroeocology. Reweaving a New Landscape

    This book argues that sustainable development, based on sustained growth, has led us to an impasse. In response, Agroecology brings back notions of eco-development and co-evolution with nature as a refreshing paradigm.The author, Angela Hilmi, is senior research fellow at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience of the Coventry University.

  • New publication: Food Sovereignty, Agroecology and Biocultural Diversity

    The book critically examines the kinds of knowledge and ways of knowing needed for food sovereignty, agroecology and biocultural diversity. It is edited by Professor Michel. P. Pimbert, Executive Director of the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at the Coventry University and recently nominated as member of the High Level Panel of Experts of the Committee on World Food Security of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

  • Building public policies for agroecology

    The International planning committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) is currently leading the debate within the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN (FAO) about what public policies can be proposed to promote and support a common vision of agroecology as developed by social movements and their allies (see the Declaration of the International Forum of Nyeleni).

  • The State of Food Security and Nutrition (SOFI) 2017: Building Resilience for Peace and Food Security

    This year’s edition of the State of Food Security and Nutrition (SOFI) marks the beginning of a regular monitoring of progress towards achieving the food security and nutrition targets set by the 2030 Agenda.  The report warns that the world hunger is on the rise after gradually declining for over a decade, affecting 11 percent of the global population with an increase in the number of undernourished people from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million in 2016. 

  • A food crisis that never went away

    Launched  the 26th September 2017 at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO), the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch marks its tenth anniversary by taking stock of the last decade, when the world food crisis brought the number of hungry to a peak. Today, despite some progress, many of the problems that led to the crisis in the first place persist and continue to affect millions.

  • MaB Report: Investments in small scale agriculture

    The report gives an overview of the global situation of investments in agriculture. It provides examples from several countries and present recommendations for future investments in small-scale sustainable agriculture.

  • The Marracuene Agroecology pilot project

    We are happy to share our new brand video on the Marracuene Agroecology pilot project.
    This project was started by the More and Better Network in June 2015 in Mozambique. It is unique and focuses on agroecological production, increasing the autonomy of local communities and putting farmers in the “driving seat” of decision-making.

  • Sign on to the letter about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and agriculture

    The More and Better Network has taken the initiative to a sign-on-letter about the importance to increase the support for small-scale agroecological and other forms of sustainable agriculture to reach several of the SDGs. We ask you to get your organization and other organizations you are in touch with to sign on to the letter by sending a mail to secretariat@moreandbetter.org 
    The letter is available in EnglishSpanish and French.