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Stop Enabling Land Grabs: Agriculture Doesn’t Need World Bank’s Business Indicators

We are pleased to announce that we have signed on to the joint statement promoted by the Campaign Our Land is Our Business. Right now, millions of people are being thrown off their land because large corporations are being given special rights.The World Bank is driving this destructive trend with its Doing Business rankings.Stand with us to tell the World Bank and the land grabbers it’s our land, our business.

  • FAO launches the Post 2015 webpages!

    The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has just launched a collection of webpages in English, French and Spanish dedicated to the post-2015 development agenda and MDGs.

  • Agriculture and nutrition in the Sustainable Development Goals

    A High-Level Roundtable on what should be in the Sustainable Development Goals on agriculture and nutrition took place in New York in the end of March. Aksel Naerstad, international co-coordinator of More and Better took part in the two days meeting (27-28 March). The outcome document is available in English here, feel free to share it. 

  • CFS Principles for Responsible Investements in Agriculture: Draft One is out

    On April 1st the Secretariat of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) published the First Draft of the Principles for Responsible Investments in Agriculture. You can download the document here. This Draft is the result of feedbacks received during the Regional and Global consultations undertaken from September 2013 – March 2014, on what should be added, changed, and improved based on the Zero Draft

  • Nyeleni 2, International Forum on Agroecology

    Agroecology is more and more recognized across the world as a practice able to promote the autonomy of farmers, the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and the improvements of farmers incomes. The CNOP Mali in cooperation with the More and Better Network is leading the preparation of the International Forum on Agroecology to be held in the Centre of Nyeleni (Selingue, Mali) from the 7th to the 12th of November, 2014. We are very excited to be part of such an important initiative and will be contributing at our best for the success of this unique event. Participate and support the Nyeleni 2 for Agroecology!

  • The More and Better General Meeting in Nyélény, November 13th 2014

    This year we have the pleasure to hold our General Meeting in Mali, at the Nyélény Centre (Sélingué), a place with a strong symbolic value for social movements, NGOs and civil society organizations that support food sovereignty. Our General Meeting will take place on November 13th, just after the Nyeleny 2 – for Agroecology. The organizational process has just started, more detailed information will be provided in the next weeks. Meantime, put a mark on your agenda!

  • Statement of the 2014 Farmers' Forum

    21/02/2014. We, delegates in the 5th Farmers’ Forum, representatives of small-scale producer organizations, speak on behalf of millions of small-scale farmers, artisanal fishers, pastoralists, livestock breeders, and indigenous communities. Through this statement communicate our views and proposals to IFAD and its governing bodies.
    IFAD was founded in 1977 to work for the rural poor. With the creation of the Farmers’ Forum in 2005 it began to work with the rural poor. At that time it was way ahead of the rest of the UN system in opening up to systematic dialogue with organizations representing the intended beneficiaries of its action...

  • Abu Dhabi Statement on Family Farming

    Following the declaration of the IYFF- 2014 by the United Nations General Assembly, 22nd December 2011, and the creation of more than 50 National Committees, representatives of Farmers' Organisations from 5 continents met in Abu Dhabi on January 21st-22nd 2014, with the intention of updating and approving the main demands which will be the subject of negotiations with governments and international institutions throughout the Year...

  • Principles for Responsible Investments in Agriculture

    It will be lasting until the the 20th of February the online consultation on the Zero Draft of the Principles for Responsible Investments in Agriculture (RAI) coordinated by the Committee on World Food Security Secretariat. We encourage all of you to take active part in the consultation, as well as in other parts of the process to develop the CFS Principles on RAI.

  • The Good Living Marketplace

    Fundaexpresion has released an amazing animated video entitled El Mercado del Buen Vivir (The Good Living Marketplace). The aim is to give visibility to the importance of family farming and local peasant markets. The video-clip, set in  Barrio La Joya peasant market in Colombia, was realized in cooperation with a group of clay and stop-motion animation artists thus supporting also the precious connection between art and rural life. The video, in Spanish language, is available here and here. For more information, contact Fundaexpresion at fundaexpresion@gmail.com

  • International Year of Family Farming 2014 Photo Competition

    The International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) highlights the decisive role of family farming in the sustainable production of 80% of the world's food and in the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. The IYFF-2014 photo competition collects visual expressions to build stronger recognition and support for family farming, and encourage broad participation in the IYFF.
    Submit your best photo!