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Agroecology reclaims territories for local peoples and food sovereignty

How Agroecology has become a banner of our joint struggle and a vibrant movement to reclaim territories for local peoples and food sovereignty, through the development of common strategies that put sustainable small-scale food producers at the center stage. An article on the International Forum for Agroecology written by Adam Rankin, Fundaexpresión (Colombia), member of the More and Better Network.

  • WSF2015 | Change the system, not the climate!

    Climate change is one of the focus in many of the thousands different meetings that are being held at the WSF, in Tunis. The main message brought up from  these meetings is clear: the political and economic system needs to be changed, not the climate!
    Aksel Naerstad, from Tunis, tells us about some of the key issues discussed in 2015 edition of the World Social Forum (WSF) and shares with us his impressions.

  • More and Better at the World Social Forum 2015

    The More and Better Network is present in Tunis for the World Social Forum 2015. We will hold a workshop, the 26 of March (h 8.30 -11.00 Salle SP15) with a focus on Agroecology. The aim is to share examples of agroecological practices, share experiences and highlight the understanding / definition of agroecology by small-scale farmers’ organizations and social movements in line with the Declaration on Agroecology that was launched in Nyéléni.

  • Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology

    We are delegates representing diverse organizations and international movements of small-scale food producers and consumers, including peasants, indigenous peoples and communities (together with hunters and gatherers), family farmers, rural workers, herders and pastoralists, fisherfolk and urban people. Together, the diverse constituencies our organizations represent produce some 70% of the food consumed by humanity.

  • Join our General Meeting and the International Forum for Agroecology in Mali

    We have the pleasure to invite you to our General Meeting to be held February 23, 2015, in the Nyéléni Conference Centre, in Mali, just one day before the start of the International Forum for Agroecology (February 24-27). Download now the registration form and send it to secretariat@moreandbetter.org by January 15th, 2015!

  • Civil Society and Social Movements’ Forum Declaration to the Second International Conference on Nutrition

    Representatives from peasants, small-scale fishers and fishing communities, pastoralists, urban poor, consumers, women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, agricultural and food workers and civil society organizations actively engaged in the ICN2 preparatory process, gathered in Rome, November 16-18, to share values and aspirations, join forces in a common vision on how to eradicate malnutrition in all its forms, and to hold governments and intergovernmental organizations to account on their obligations and commitments.

  • The winners of the photo competition on family farming

    The winners of the photo competition Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth, organized in the context of the 2014 International Year of Family Farming have been announced in Rome. The Global winner photo was taken by Danilo O. Victoriano Jr. during the Rambutan fruit harvest season in San Pablo Laguna province, in the Philippines.

  • Statement of the African and U.S. Food Sovereignty Summit

    On October 10-14, Community Alliance for Global Justice/AGRA Watch invited African leaders representing regional and continent-wide networks to Seattle to meet with leaders from  US organizations as part of the Africa-US Food Sovereignty Strategy Summit. The aim was to promote farmer-led solutions to hunger and climate crises, share research, develop strategies and explore ways to protect communities faced with the consequences of industrial agriculture as promoted by the Gates Foundation.

  • New dates for the International Forum on Agroecology in Mali

    The Steering Committee of the International Forum for Agroecology met in Rome on the occasion of the 41th session of the Committee on World Food Security. Taking into consideration the conclusions of the Symposium on Agroecology organized by FAO in September and to better prepare the regional consultations that will be following in the next months, the Steering Committee has decided that the Forum will be taking place in the Center of Nyeleni, in Mali, from the 24th to the 27th of February 2015

  • Acquisition of Africa’s SeedCo by Monsanto, Groupe Limagrain: Neo-colonial occupation of Africa’s seed systems

    Addis Ababa 7 October 2014. The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is deeply concerned about the recent acquisitions by multi-national seed companies of large parts of SeedCo, one of Africa’s largest home-grown seed companies.

  • Report on FAO Symposium on Agroecology

    The International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition (Rome, 18-19th September) was the first FAO event on agroecology in history. It turned out very successful and can be seen as an important step forward for the support and promotion of agroecology. We are happy to share with you the report of the symposium of Aksel Naerstad, international coordinator of the More and Better Network.